Mevo is specialized in developing and producing fine mechanical components as well as assembling complete products. Specific skills have evolved from 25 years of relevant experience in the industry. Knowledge, processes, equipment and resources have been developed with the objective of deliver a complete product, perfect to the slightest detail. We can deliver a total quality package specifically tailored to your needs. A broad international client base, in various different high-tech areas choose to use Mevo’s services; the masters in fine mechanics.

Mevo is an expert in: turning, milling, honing, lapping, electrochemical polishing and deburring, the welding of stainless steel, assembling, cleaning and packing of finished products.

Electrochemical polishing and deburing:
Polished products

Cleaning and packing
All products are cleaned and packed to customers requirements

Welding of stainless steel:
Products by which two different sorts of stainless steel are welded together

Laser Engraving:
Pictures, Logos, QR-Codes, serialnumbers etc.

The assembly of a knee-orthosis

Some honed products with an internal tolerance of 0,003 mm.

Mazak Horizontal machining centre NEXUS 5000 belongs to the "New World-Class Generation"
The "NEXUS ll SERIES" combines advanced technology, productivity, accuracy and high performance!